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Learning, Living, Changing, breathing, eating

Originally my podcast now turned into a video, I apologize for the watermark.

I see him walking,

Monday through Saturday, too

He brings mail to me

Notes: Yes, my fake boyfriend is my mailman. Fake meaning I know who he is but he doesn't know who I am. :)

My idea was to capture the everyday little things that make me happy. They aren't these big extravagant materials or events rather these materials contribute to my wellbeing. The images below take part in my happiness.

The first picture is of my panda bear named Teddy, I know he is…

Feeling sad

down in the dumps

tired as hell

expectations of life are too much to handle

Job, school, zero social life

oh boy, don’t want to relive this shit twice

please everyone I’m having a bad day

bad enough to only be one day

must think positive

have to get back to a better mindset

don’t worry my mental state is only of anxiety

again just having a bad day.

I want to be a kid again, you didn’t know the struggle of the world or the feeling of stress. I remember falling and having the ability to cry, seeing my parents come running and hug me. As I got older, I don’t get to stop and cry anymore, nobody…

-Enjoying the silence-

the best silence is the silence of nothing

when no one is around

when the sun has not yet risen

when mankind has not started the ”busy life”

for some, it’s when everyone goes to sleep and you can hear the night

but for me, it’s sitting contently on my sofa with one artificial light on

enjoying the silence

In this podcast, I talk about the emotional connection I have with my keychain. I talk a little bit about how we have objects in our life that we put meaning into.

The question that haunts us all but can we actually answer it? In my opinion yes we can. I’m looking at a blank page in my bedroom thinking about this question. If you guessed journaling you are right! (Winner winner tofu dinner Btw I’m vegetarian) What is something I tell…

I guess I wasn’t the only one who filmed their animal but his name is Casper. I got the idea of filming my day of interaction with him. I feel like me and he always has funny interactions I feel like the world needed to see him and me.

Hello everyone, on my first ever podcast I talk about my educational journey at Holyoke Community College, the disruption the pandemic has caused, and the challenges I have faced. Please don't be afraid to leave a comment. This is still a work in progress.


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